Bill Crozier Memorial

Bill Crozier was an early supporter of the Rock God and a great supporter of karaoke in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.   Although, Bill did not sing, he accompanied his partner, Lindsay, to karaoke regularly.  His wit and his support were greatly appreciated by many karaoke singers especially me.  Although, he suffered through many health issues, he never complained about life.  Bill will always be fondly remembered!

Lindsay recently wrote up a touching memorial to Bill:

Bill Crozier Memorial
Paul the Rock God

Bill Crozier

August 1, 1942 - April 22, 2014

Dear Bill,
The best thing I ever did was say "yes" when you asked me to stay with you for a few days when your partner Harvery "Mick" Binfet died in July of 1985.  You were together for almost 24 years.  You still would be if he had survived.  Then we fell in love, and lasted almost 29 years.  It would have been many more, if your poor body had not worn out from your life-long battle with kidney disease.  The complications from the transplant, many surgeries, and thousands of medications took you down many times.  No one will ever know how much you suffered. But you never complained once.  You were just happy to be alive, always.  You loved people.  I can't think of one person who didn't like, and love you.  Everyone from customers at "7-11" where you worked for 28 years to the apartment building you managed on Bute and Barclay for 33 years, to Regina and Moosejaw where you and "Mick" grew up.  As well, the wonderful family you left behind, in Saskatchewan and never lost touch.  Not even "Mick's" family and Traci your niece who were all there whn you took your last breath. It was very hard to let you go.  You had just retired and we had so many plans for the future. Travel, visiting friends and family more, and hobbies.  You had a passion for trains and with your 1969 Thunderbirdd that you bough new.  With your big moustache, unmistakable voice and sick sense of humour, you put a smile on every face you saw. You always left people feeling warm, happy and special.  The world has lost one of its best people. As for are the best human beign that I have ever known.  I am so lucky.  Thank you for loving me so much and for giving me the chance to love you.  I now know what really matters.  I miss you more than words can say.  Life without you is very dim.  If there is still a life after death, maybe soon we will be together again....All of us.  I hope so.  You are still the love of my life, and my very best friend.  You always will be.
Good night Kitty...
Love forever,

Note: Lindsay would love to hear from anybody who knew Bill.  If you wish to contact Lindsay, please let me, the Rock God, know and I will put you in touch.

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