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2016-01-21: Gogan now has an online , songbook name: goganskaraoke

State/Province/Territory:British Columbia
Comments:Gogan is a longtime host of karaoke in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver. He has hosted many karaokes and has started the careers of many other karaoke hosts!

Active Gigs for this Host

DayTimeVenue NameVenue AddressVenue Phone#Host NameHost CompanyCommentsLast Confirmed ActiveConfirm Active
Monday21:00-03:00Studio Lounge and Nightclub919 Granville St (Downtown Entertainment)Gogan2018-09-10
Tuesday21:00-01:00The Park at English Bay1755 Davie St. (Westend)604-682-1831GoganThis pub has a small stage where you perform.2018-09-19
Wednesday21:00-01:30Shenanigans on Robson1225 Robson St. (Westend)604-688-1411GoganGogan now hosts this gig. Starts at 9pm now. Large stage. Really good reasonably priced food. Drinks reasonably priced. Large dance floor. 2018-09-10
Friday21:00-00:00Charqui Grill1955 Cornwall Avenue (Kitsilano)604-733-3323GoganNow on Fridays as of Feb 2, 20182018-09-10
Saturday21:00-00:00Charqui Grill1955 Cornwall Avenue (Kitsilano)604-733-3323GoganDJ Tom and other special guests will also host this show!2018-09-10
Sunday21:00-00:00Charqui Grill1955 Cornwall Avenue (Kitsilano)604-733-3323GoganGogan is hosting this karaoke as of September 2017.2018-09-10

Inactive Gigs for this host

StatusDayTimeVenue NameVenue AddressVenue Phone#Host NameHost CompanyCommentsLast Confirmed Active
CANCELLEDMonday21:00-01:00Joe's Apartment919 Granville St. (Downtown Entertainment)604-563-5030GoganNote: The venue has changed its name to Studio Records. The Rock God has performed at this gig! 2015-06-08
CANCELLEDTuesday21:00-01:00Oasis Ultra Lounge1240 Thurlow St. (Westend)604-685-1724GoganThis gig has been put on hold for the summer2014-03-24
CANCELLEDTuesday21:00-01:00Jupiter Cafe1216 Bute St. (Westend)GoganThis gig has been cancelled!2013-01-01
CANCELLEDWednesday18:00-02:00The Metropole Community Pub320 Abbott (Downtown Eastside)604-408-5822GoganThis gig has been reported as cancelled2014-01-06
CANCELLEDWednesday20:00-00:00Kibo Restaurant and Lounge1261 Hamilton St. (Yaletown)604-336-3268Gogan2013-11-15
CANCELLEDSaturday20:00-00:00Pioneer's Pub#200 10111 No. 3 Road604-271-6611GoganNext Show: 20Feb2016. NOTE: This show is not on every week. Please check the venue website to find out when next show is on.2017-03-11

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