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Name:Studio Lounge Karaoke
Address:4901A Yonge Street-2nd floor
Size (#people):0
Has a Stage?:N
How many monitors showing words?:0
Has Private Rooms?:Y
Last Confirmed Open:2013-01-01
Comments:This is a private room karaoke.

Active Gigs for this Venue

DayTimeVenue NameVenue AddressVenue Phone NumberHost NameHost CompanyCommentsLast Confirmed ActiveConfirm Active
Monday18:00-00:00Studio Lounge Karaoke4901A Yonge Street-2nd floor416-222-3753UNKNOWN2016-09-11
Tuesday18:00-00:00Studio Lounge Karaoke4901A Yonge Street-2nd floor416-222-3753UNKNOWN2014-10-27
Wednesday18:00-00:00Studio Lounge Karaoke4901A Yonge Street-2nd floor416-222-3753UNKNOWN2014-09-03
Thursday18:00-00:00Studio Lounge Karaoke4901A Yonge Street-2nd floor416-222-3753UNKNOWN2014-04-30
Friday18:00-00:00Studio Lounge Karaoke4901A Yonge Street-2nd floor416-222-3753UNKNOWN2013-04-26
Saturday18:00-00:00Studio Lounge Karaoke4901A Yonge Street-2nd floor416-222-3753UNKNOWN2013-04-26
Sunday18:00-00:00Studio Lounge Karaoke4901A Yonge Street-2nd floor416-222-3753UNKNOWN2013-04-26

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