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World Karaoke Schedule

This is Paul the Rock God's World Karaoke Schedule!  It is a listing of thousands of public karaoke shows for cities all over the world.  The World Karaoke Schedule lists karaoke shows, karaoke venues, karaoke hosts, start and end times of the shows, and comments about karaoke in the city, and for the host.  This is the most current and up-to-date karaoke schedule on the internet!  Also, the world karaoke schedule is completely FREE to view and add karaoke shows!

Use the World Karaoke Schedule to find a karaoke show in your city anywhere in the world!

Find a Karaoke Show on the World Karaoke Schedule

To find a karaoke show in your city, you will need to click on your continent, then country, then province/state.  So, FIRST CLICK ON YOUR CONTINENT:

people having fun singing karaoke
people having fun singing karaoke

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History of the World Karaoke Schedule

The World Karaoke Schedule came about because Paul the Rock God was trying to find karaoke shows to sing at in the Vancouver, Canada area.  He only knew of a few karaoke shows in the Vancouver and only on some nights of the week.  He searched the internet, but only found a few karaoke shows that after investigating weren't even operating anymore.  He mentioned to some people that he was looking for karaoke shows.  One friend had a spreadsheet of a few shows, most of which didn't exist anymore.  So, finally he decided to put together his own list and publish it on the internet.  Turns out there weren't many active karaoke shows in the Vancouver area.  Now, there are many karaoke shows every night of the week in the Vancouver area.  We think that because people can now find karaoke shows on the Rock God's schedule, they are attending more karaoke shows, which makes karaoke shows more viable for venues to host, and hence there are more shows!

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