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Active Vancouver Karaoke Show Schedule

Start-End Time
Venue Name
Venue Address
Venue Phone#
Host Name
Last Confirmed Active
1026 Granville St. (downtown)
    Comments: will go until 1am if busy
608 West Pender St. (Downtown)
    Comments: Karaoke at Malones is starting up again on February 27 2023
37 West Hastings St. (Downtown Eastside)
Unknown Host
1755 Davie St. (Westend)
    Comments: Karaoke is back at the Park Pub starting on Feb 8 2022
1038 Main St. (Main Street)
1601 Main St (Main St)
2471 E. Hastings St. (Hastings-Sunrise)
37 West Hastings St. (Downtown Eastside)
Unknown Host
1815 Commercial Drive (Commercial Dr)
1955 Cornwall Avenue (Kitsilano)
769 E.Hastings St. (Downtown Eastside)
    Comments: New Gig starts on Nov 15 2023. No cover charge
926 Main St.
(778) 945-6751
1167 Davie St (Davie St)
7 Alexander St (gastown)
    Comments: Virginia posted that this karaoke will restart on July 21, 2021
37 West Hastings St. (Downtown Eastside)
Unknown Host
1305 Commercial Dr. Vancouver
1901 Powell St. (Hastings Sunrise)
39 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC (Downtown)
    Comments: This show is back on!
3124 W Broadway
1042 Davie St. (Westend)
Unknown Host
    Comments: Note that karaoke at Numbers on Thursdays is only on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. It is on weekly on Sundays.
37 West Hastings St. (Downtown Eastside)
Unknown Host
1955 Cornwall Avenue (Kitsilano)
488 Carrall Street (Chinatown)
    Comments: 2021-07-05 Karaoke has restarted at the West on Thursdays and Fridays
300 Cambie St (Gastown)
727 E. 49th (.49th/Fraser)
    Comments: NEW Schedule effective January 2023..... visit our song library @ songbook name: anitalex
1407 Laburnum St (Kitsilano)
1244 Granville St (downtown entertainment)
    Comments: This show starts on January 5, 2024
37 West Hastings St. (Downtown Eastside)
Unknown Host
488 Carrall Street (Chinatown)
    Comments: 2021-07-05 Karaoke has restarted at the West on Thursdays and Fridays
1955 Cornwall Avenue (Kitsilano)
    Comments: This show at Charquis resumed on Aug 6, 2021. $10 cover charge will be applied to your bill.
74 W. Hastings (Downtown Eastside)
    Comments: This show has started up in August 2021
2471 E. Hastings St. (Hastings-Sunrise)
    Comments: This show at the Brighton pub is ONLY the last Saturday of every month.
395 Kingsway (12th & Kingsway)
1955 Cornwall Avenue (Kitsilano)
    Comments: This show at Charquis resumed on Aug 7, 2021. $10 cover charge will be applied to your bill.
488 Carrall Street (Chinatown)
    Comments: This show has restarted as of July 17 2021
37 West Hastings St. (Downtown Eastside)
Unknown Host
4242 Main St
1955 Cornwall Avenue (Kitsilano)
    Comments: This show at Charquis resumed on August 8, 2021. $10 cover charge will be applied to your bill.
37 West Hastings St. (Downtown Eastside)
Unknown Host
1042 Davie St. (Westend)
Unknown Host


User Comments About karaoke in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

2023-12-01: Hey Paul, Karaoke at Addah downtown is gone
2023-03-29: Hi Paul, Brent here I heard Cambie has Thursday night karaoke for the 20 something set if true you could list it if you want. THANKS BRENT!
2022-07-30: Thursdays at the Ivanhoe with Sandy DOES NOT exist. I asked the bartender and it and he had no idea what I was talking about. I think they used to but not now. RG: Thanks for the info. I removed the listing.
2022-02-20: Long-time host Virginia had her karaoke equipment stolen again. She has started a gofund me to replace it. Please help her out. Here is the link to the gofund me: Help Virginia
2021-12-12: The Park start time is 9 pm Dosa and Curry starts at 10 pm both Friday and Saturday
2021-10-09: One of Vancouver's long time karaoke singers, Diane Thompson, is going through some tough times. A GoFundMe page has been set up. If you can help her out, here is the link to the GoFundMe Page: Help Diane Thompson
2021-08-08: Gogan is back on at Charquis
2021-08-08: As of August 8 2021 I have updated this Vancouver schedule for all the shows that I am aware of. If you know of any shows that I missed, let me know or add them.
2021-07-05: Karaoke is back on at the West on Thursday and Friday nights.
2021-07-05: Virginia posted that karaoke at the Portside is restarting on July 21, 2021
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2021-05-21: Still no karaoke in Vancouver due to Covid restrictions
2020-09-06: One of the karaoke hosts in town, ReaAnn Cleator, was recently attacked and suffered serious injuries. She has a GoFundMe page here: to help her out when as she recovers. I donated. Please help her out.
2020-06-30: Karaoke is starting up again at Portside on Canada Day 9pm-late
2020-06-09: Karaoke is back on again at Shenanigans on June 10, 2020 from 6:30pm to midnight.
2020-06-09: I have heard that karaoke is on again at Charquis in least on the weekends.
2020-02-20: Biminis is undergoing renovations so no more karaoke there.
2020-01-22: British Ex no longer does karaoke on Thursday nights`
2019-09-30: Fairview Pub Sunday karaoke starts at 8 pm.
2019-07-29: Karaoke at the Railway Club on Sundays is cancelled until Sept 2019
2019-07-06: no more wednesdays at main st legion..
2019-05-23: Anita and Alex have moved their show at the British Ex Servicemen from Thursdays to Fridays (a few months back).
2019-03-13: Manchester Pub karaoke has shut down.
2019-01-13: renovations at the Studio are done so karaoke is back on Monday.
2019-01-03: The Studio will be closed for renovations from Jan 4 to Jan 14, 2019. Call ahead to make sure that karaoke is on after this.
2019-01-02: Karaoke at the Met on Wednesdays has been cancelled effective immediately
2018-12-19: Tuesdays karaoke at XYYVR has ended because the venue is closing at the end of the month.
2018-12-17: User comment: Railway Club. Does karaoke even exist here? Been 3 Sundays and no karaoke yet! Even the manager is fed up!
2018-10-11: Was informed that karaoke at the Brighton has been cancelled so removed it from the schedule.
2018-07-11: user: Astoria moved from Wednesday to Monday Rock God: didn't add monday because I couldn't confirm. Could somebody confirm please?
2018-07-07: Sad to hear that Moneca, who used to be a long-time regular singer at Shenanigans passed away last week. There will be a celebration of her life at Shenanigans on Wed July 25th from 8pm onwards to reminisce and celebrate her life.
2018-07-04: Arcanybyss had an article written about him: here is link to article
2018-05-29: Cafe Barney does not have karaoke.
2018-05-17: User comment:Yaggers in Kitsilano on Saturday nights is horrible sound /and horrible equipment and they don't have anything the horrible song versions (no sound choice/no sun fly/ no legends ) and they do not have a REAL dedicated host ,it is just what ever person happens to be behind the bar at the time ,they hence have no clue how to put up your songs ,it is just the very worst Karaoke anywhere !!
2018-05-10: The Bourbon will be a regional final center for the Great Canadian Karaoke Challenge. This is for a 10K prize sending 1 winner (airfare and hotel) to Toronto to compete against other provincial winners. Starts Thursday May 10, 2018 at Bourbon. See details in next comment.
2018-05-10: Great Canadian Karaoke Challenge at Bourbon rules: One time registration fee is 20. Each Thurs 2 winners are picked. In week 9 with 16 qualifiers they compete for 5 spots. In week 10 those 5 compete to get a finalist. Week 11 is a regional final with all venues in B.C. competing against each other to win top dog going to Toronto.
2018-04-12: Princeton Pub Karaoke Thursday THEME its ATOMIC BLONDE TONITE, songs from the Charlize Theron MOVIE and COSTUMES from the MOVIE and 80s, THURSDAY THEME NITE PRINCETON PUB, #4 and #7 bus, 10 min from Hastings and Commercial Drive walk, Best Costume prizes and drink specials , FOOD TOO!!!
2018-03-13: Karaoke at Legion 142 for March 23, 2018 is cancelled.
2018-03-01: Euphonic Entertainment is starting up at Gargoyles in Kits tonight (1Mar2018).
2018-02-19: The Yale Sunday night karaoke last night is February 25.
2018-02-07: Karaoke at Gargoyles has been cancelled.
2018-02-03: Hey its Jimbo. It looks like from the Legion 142 website, that Don Juan, will be there on the third saturday and the first friday.
2018-01-25: dude, you rock! Thanks for this list! One wish... add links to Google Maps!
2018-01-24: Somebody contacted me about making a basic demo cd. They have a lot of back tracks on cd format that they would like to record their singing voice on top. If anybody knows somebody that does this service, please send me their contact info and I will pass it on.
2018-01-20: Saturday night at Billy bishop is now 8pm to 12am
2017-12-30: There will be karaoke at Charqui on New Years Eve Dec 31, 2017 with Gogan.
2017-12-06: It looks like karaoke is back on at the Astoria on Monday nights...according to their twitter feed.
2017-12-04: According to Sandy: Moonpennies has changed direction and opted for us to dj a Non Stop Dance Party. For now we are djing and not karaoke there on Saturdays. But other nights are planned that will include karaoke.
2017-11-10: There is no more karaoke at Cravings
2017-10-15: Yaggers Downtown is open to 130 am. Its on Saturdays.-Marc
2017-10-12: Just heard that the Army Navy club on Main and 23rd is closing down after this weekend (oct 15?) so karaoke will be ending there.
2017-09-20: Checked out karaoke at Donnellans Irish Pub on Granville st last night. The host Gary was very friendly and fun. This is a new show so was able to sing lots of songs. Donnellans is a large, clean place. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience!
2017-09-03: The Yale does not have karaoke on long weekend Sundays.
2017-08-11: Supposedly there is karaoke tonight at the Westin Bayshore at 9:45pm for fans of the TV Series: Supernatural. Join the stars and sing karaoke. Entry is free
2017-07-23: Jordan told me that there is no more karaoke at the Astoria on Mondays so I removed it from the schedule.
2017-07-23: I was told that the Balmoral is closed for renovations so I have removed the karaoke show from the listings.
2017-07-08: There is no more karaoke at the Displace Hashery on Thursdays.
2017-07-01: 3rd annual Karaoke Star Search hosted by Gogan and The Park is on again on Tuesdays at 9pm. Qualifying rounds: on July 4, 11, 18, and 25th. Semi-Finals: August 1 and 8th. $25 gift cards to weekly winners. Finals: August 15 at 9pm. Grand Prize: $1000 Visa gift card, 2nd prize: $250 cash, 3rd prize: $100 cash.
2017-06-23: Jordan just informed me that there is no more karaoke on Mondays at the Astoria. This was a very long running show in Vancouver!
2017-06-09: I just migrated the website to new hosting. If you have any technical issues, please email me at to let me know so I can fix it. Thanks!
2017-05-29: Yale Saloon karaoke starts at 830 pm Sunday
2017-05-13: Displace Hashery Karaoke Saturdays has been cancelled for May 13 and May 27.
2017-05-13: Hi Paul. Nice to meet you at Shenanigans the other night. 12 Kings Pub is at 12th and Kingsway not 12th and Main street. Marc
2017-04-15: Saturday at Army Navy starts at 830 (not 730)
2017-03-13: I went to the Yale Saloon for Sunday Country karaoke last night. It was fun. I got lots of songs in. It was good to hear mainly country and blues songs! There was even a line dance instructor trying to teach people how to line dance. If you like country music I would recommend this karaoke.
2017-02-24: Hey Paul! I have some updates for you: Thursday's @ Savoy have been cancelled, still there on Sunday's 8pm-12am! Wednesday's @ The Regent 9pm-1am. Rocky Point Taphouse was cancelled last year. Thanks! Teshawna
2017-02-19: Paul the Rock God went to 12 Kings Pub on Saturday with Harvey the H-Bomb! Daniel, the host put on a great show and treated us well! It was packed with a young crowd. The bar needs more staff as it was hard to even buy a drink!
2017-02-18: Saturday Feb 18, 2017 I, Paul the Rock God, will be hosting: Harvey the H-Bomb. He is a karaoke singer from New York City who has sang in 46 countries around the world!!! We are planning on going to 12 Kings pub tonight! If you see us, please come over and say hi!
2017-02-18: By the way, Harvey has a blog about all his karaoke travels: Check it out!
2017-02-17: According to a Facebook post by Virginia, karaoke at the Bimini on Tuesday nights has been cancelled. She may change the night of Displace Hashery also so stay tuned!
2017-01-31: Virginia from Euphonic Entertainment is looking for part-time hosts with a minimum of 2 gigs a week, i.e. 8 hours/week minimum. Must be music oriented, people pleasers who can work a room. The candidate will have social media skills with a decent reach, some vocal ability, and patience. If that's you, contact her at and tell her how you'd be good for the job!
2017-01-31: Bimini pub has been renovated with new booth, sound, and new 200" BIG SCREEN for the lyrics!
2016-12-28: Thanks everyone for all the support and information about karaoke this past year! I wish each and every one of you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!
2016-11-25: Who wants to forma Christmas Carolling group for Vancouver? contact Brent VGTM Brent Yalowica twitter
2016-10-09: Just heard from Anita. Sunday night karaoke at the All-Stars is not on any more as of now.
2016-09-06: Msg from Sandy: Hudson Landing Sat contract is over. We are there Fridays only, thanks for updating !
2016-08-23: hippos bar is now closed
2016-07-25: Sandy says: Hi Paul, Ive added another camcorder so we will be taking pics and HD videos at all our gigs now (with all our hosts) of all singers and posting on our facebook site. Also I just purchased another 100,000 english karaoke t trax to bring our total international karaoke collection to 700,000 which I believe is the largest collection around.
2016-07-14: Hi Paul. The karaoke at the Super 8 in Vancouver is all done now and the bar is closed.
2016-07-10: Wed the Bourbon karaoke was changed to Thurs karaoke. Hippos closed its doors on June 30 2016 and will be demolished soon.
2016-07-10: Thurs The Bourbon - I offer over 600,000+ songs (the same at all my shows) so Pub 340 with 100,000 on Thurs is not the biggest selection in Gastown that day. :-)
2016-06-26: No karaoke at All Stars Wings on June 26, 2016 due to Euro tournament. It should be on again next week. I will update you if I hear anything.
2016-06-07: Eddie Lam is having a Piano Karaoke night Friday July 1, 2016 at 8:30pm at Cafe Deux Soleils 2096 Commercial Drive-admission by donation.
2016-06-02: The Second Annual Karaoke Star Search Contest is back at The Park. Contest Details & Rules Weekly Prizes: Top performer $25 Gift Certificate to The Park Finals Prizes: Grand Prize $1000 | Second $300 | Third $200
2016-06-02: The Park: Preliminary Rounds: Tuesday June 7, 14, 21, & 28 @ 9:00 PM Rules: Registration opens 1 hour before the competition. The first 10 people to sign up will compete and perform 1 song. The top 3 performers of each round will move to the semi-finals. Winners will be determined by crowd votes. Repeat contestants will only be considered if the contestant sheet is NOT full.
2016-06-02: The Park: SemI-Final Rounds: Tuesday July 5 & 12 @ 9:00 PM Rules: Semi-Finalists will perform 2 songs. The top 3 contestants on each day will move on to the finals. Semi-Finalists will be judged by a panel based on performance, crowd participation, and style.
2016-06-02: The Park: Finals: Tuesday July 19 @ 9:00 PM Rules: Finalists will perform 2 songs. Finalists will be judged by a panel based on performance, crowd participation, and style. First place $1000 | Second $300 | $200
2016-05-27: Virginia is hosting a karaoke boat cruise on September 9, 2016. Get your tickets at:
2016-05-23: Had a lot of fun at All Star Wings last night. Good fun crowd. It was nice to meet Tiffany! Also, it was nice to see That 70's Guy!
2016-04-28: There is a new karaoke show starting Sunday May 1, 2016 at All-Star Wing and Ribs on Robson at Bute. Anita and Alex are hosting.
2016-04-19: CHARQUI grill(1955 Cornwall ave. Vancouver , Canada ) charges $10 cover charge to song Kareoke or you can not sing, you need to put this in the " comments" column of your listings , so k singers that drive far across the city are aware they can not sing if the buy only a single beer and nurse it!!!!!!
2016-04-19: EVERYBODY: Please press the 'Confirm Active' button on the right side of a show if you know that a show is still active! This helps keep this schedule current! Thanks!
2016-04-06: Just added 2 new shows: Red Card on Tuesday Nights starting on April 14, 2016 and Hippos on Sunday Nights which started a few weeks ago.
2016-03-30: Just added new show at the Lux on Howe Street on Tuesdays!
2016-02-04: Kamei Royale is permanently closed!
2016-02-04: The Chandelier room has now closed. Brian is now doing karaoke at Hippo's on Thursday nights!
2016-02-02: Just added a new show for Sandy on Wednesdays at the Bourbon in Gastown.
2016-01-27: Karaoke at the Pit Pub at UBC has been cancelled. Sounds like there was an epic karaoke party there last week! Anyways, UBC Students please ask the Student Union and Pub to bring back karaoke!
2016-01-21: Gogan now has an online , songbook name: goganskaraoke
2016-01-19: Made a bunch of updates: Monday night karaoke at the Comox has been changed to Sunday nights! Cancelled karaoke at the Waldorf Tiki room and Falconettis. Keep sending me updates!
2016-01-12: Numbers Cabaret on Sundays is a private booth karaoke $5 for 5 songs
2016-01-07: Karaoke at the Pit Pub at UBC has moved from Monday nights to Tuesday nights (8pm-midnight) as of January 2016.
2015-12-13: Hi Paul. I want to let you know that Kerrisdale Legion is having Karaoke on New Years Eve. Its going from 9-1. Doors will open at 4pm. Thanks Jim Hilton
2015-12-07: After 20 years, karaoke at the Two Parrots has been cancelled due to a change in management. No word yet on whether it will be brought back. :(
2015-09-18: Karaoke at the Den at Barclay was not on last Saturday so I removed it from the schedule.
2015-09-17: Joe's Apartment has changed it's name to Studio Records.
2015-09-04: Just heard about a new Monday night karaoke at the new Pit Pub at UBC which starts on September 15 2015. It will show up in my schedule next week.
2015-08-30: Jordan just let me know that there is karaoke on Sunday nights now at the Astoria 9pm-1am!
2015-08-27: Terry says that karaoke will be starting at the Den on Robson this saturday at 8pm going until 11pm.
2015-08-17: I just heard from Darcy Dawson that August 22, 2015 will be the last karaoke at Frankies on Beatty Street. They are renovating the bar and told Darcy that they won't be having karaoke anymore there!
2015-08-17: Just heard that there might be karaoke at the Astoria on Sunday nights. I am awaiting confirmation from Jordan on this.
2015-08-17: Terry has a new gig on Saturday nights at the Den on Robson Street!
2015-07-10: Sandy commented: Malones - Thurs night karaoke is 9:30 - 2 am -- free trip giveaway to Whistler or Seattle each night SD Galleria - Marissa not longer hosts there
2015-06-30: Sad to hear about the passing of Mo Morrison. Mo was a regular at many karaokes in the Vancouver, Canada area. He was also a big BC Lions fan. I ended up on his email list and he sent me thousands of those funny, joke emails! I will miss him!
2015-06-18: Virginia is now doing karaoke Friday nights at the Comox Long Bar in the westend. It has been a long time since we have had a Friday night karaoke downtown! I am so excited!
2015-06-12: Just heard from Anita and Alex. They have a new karaoke on Saturdays at the Army, Navy, and Airforce #26 in South Vancouver. It starts this Saturday!
2015-05-21: There is a new Thursday night gig starting tonight, May 21, 2015 at the British Ex. Anita and Alex's Friday night gig is so popular they have added Thursday nights now! Go check it out!
2015-05-08: Just added a new gig for Virginia. She is at the Sidecar on Granville on Monday nights now. She is now hosting 6 days/week so you can get your karaoke fix almost every night of the week with Virginia!
2015-05-07: There will be karaoke at Shenanigans on Robson st. on Thursday May 15, 2015. This is a one-time extra show to celebrate Lorraine's Birthday!
2015-03-03: I just heard from Tracey and Andre. I have updated the schedule with their current shows!
2015-02-22: hello my name is Daniel the owner of Maximum Beat Dj, I just wanted to make an announcement that Karaoke is still going strong at 12 Kings Pub - I am personally hosting both Wednesday 9:30pm - 1:00 and Saturday nights 9:30pm - 2:00am
2015-02-22: Hello its Daniel from Maximum Beat Dj, I just wanted to say that Karaoke at Princeton Pub has made a host change, I am now running both Thursdays and Sundays nights 9:00pm - 11:45pm
2015-02-22: Hey Paul, just an FYI that I now run karaoke at the Two Parrots on Tuesday's, 9:30-1:30. Thanks! Teshawna
2015-01-30: Sandy has announced that karaoke at 12 Kings (formerly Mavericks) on Wednesdays and Saturdays has been cancelled.
2015-01-22: Just heard from Jordan that Dragaoke is on this Sunday, 25Jan2015 at Heavens Door Lounge on Bute St.. Everybody is welcome!
2015-01-19: SandyandSilky has moved it's Hudson's Landing karaoke to Fridays instead of Tuesdays
2015-01-19: Just heard that Virginia will be doing karaoke on Wednesdays starting on Jan 28, 2015 at the Tavern at the New Oxford in Yaletown.
2015-01-03: Today, I updated Virginia's gigs and contact information. Also, supposedly the Brighton pub on Saturdays is still on. Please keep sending me your updates.
2015-01-01: Just heard that the Brighton on Saturday nights has been cancelled for January because it is slow. It may restart in February.
2014-12-31: I only know of 2 karaokes for New Year's Eve. 1) Shamrock Alley on Denman at Davie hosted by Terry, 2) All-Star Wings on Robson at Bute-hosted by Sandy-full blown NYE party with cover charge.
2014-12-28: I am sorry to announce that I just heard that Dave Bellair, a regular Vancouver karaoke singer, has passed away. I sang with Dave a number of times over the years. I will always remember him as great guy and someone who loved to sing! I will miss him!
2014-12-05: Just heard that the next Dragaoke is on at the Heavens Door on Bute on Dec 14!
2014-11-22: Hi Paul -- I am doing Tues at Hudsons Landing 1041 Marine Drive Vancouver 9 - 1, and new Sunday starting Sunday Dec 14 at Mountain Shadow Pub in Burnaby 7:30 - 11:30, Mondays is now cancelled at Secret Resto in Surrey, the bar is closed permanently, thanks, Sandy
2014-11-05: Sat Nov 8 at Displace Hashery is doing fundraiser for Teshawna Sihata who just won the Canadian Karaoke National Championship and is representing Canada in Sweden in a few weeks! This will help her offset the cost to buy dresses for the competition and offset costs. Please come out and help support Teshawna ! 9:30pm to 1am, no cover $4 drinks.
2014-11-03: I just made a bunch of updates to the Vancouver karaoke schedule. If I missed anything, please email me or leave a comment on this page.
2014-11-02: Hey Paul, a few updates for you: Wednesday @ Cellar has been cancelled due to renos, Saturday: Virginia (Euphonic) hosts 9-1am at Displace Hashery, Sunday: Virginia (Euphonic) hosts 9-1am at the Regal Beagle
2014-10-16: I heard that the karaoke at the Astoria has changed hosts a few times recently. Can somebody please let me know who the host is now.
2014-10-16: Just added a new karaoke for Saturday night in East Vancouver at the Brighton, hosted by Don Juan. See below for more details
2014-09-30: Just heard that Don Juan is going to be hosting karaoke at the Brighton pub on Hastings (near Nanaimo) on Saturday nights starting on 11Oct. 9pm to 1am.
2014-09-22: I just heard from Eddie from the Naturals who do the Tuesday night live karaoke at the Fan Club. I have updated their listing (see below). They also have a new on The Naturals name to get to the link. Be sure to check it out!
2014-09-17: Went to Gogan's karaoke at the Park at English Bay last night. It was a nice intimate venue. I managed to get in a few songs. Tried to sing some Rod Stewart, but my voice was not good for Rod! They have a fantastic pasta special, $8.95 up until 9pm! Diane had it and it smelled awesome..but remember the special ends when karaoke starts so get there early!
2014-09-05: The No. 5 Orange (strip club) has a karaoke night once a month. This month it is on September 14th. It usually gets going around 9pm.
2014-09-04: The Fan Club website says that they have had Karaoke World Championship Qualifying every Sunday 5pm since June 1. Check out their website for more info.
2014-08-31: Ana and Fernando are now doing the karaoke at Charqui grill on Sunday's
2014-07-31: There is karaoke this Sunday, August 3, 2014 at Shenanigans from 7pm to 11pm. This is a rare Sunday karaoke at Shenanigans!
2014-07-15: Don Juan just sent me some photos from The Metropole on Wednesdays. Just click on The Met name in the listing below to see the photos at the bottom of the Met detail page.
2014-06-26: A guy in New West is selling a 5ft x 2.5ft 'karaoke here tonight' sign on Craigslist: Contact him if interested.
2014-06-22: Just read that it is the last night of karaoke at the Regal Beagle on Sundays.
2014-05-29: Crazy night at Shenanigans last night. Lots of old friends showed up. Also, there was a guy buying the WHOLE bar rounds of shooters. He bought at least 3 rounds!!!
2014-05-28: Jodi says: Hey dude, The hosts at this karaoke (Army Navy Airforce Veterans Club-Taurus #298 on Main) are the fXXXXXg bees knees. Dean Acheson is the host on Saturdays and Ron Cahill Is the Wednesday host. This night gets voted best in the city often, has the city's largest selection of songs and is always packed wall to wall with hipsters and grandpas - awesome. Just checking out your page (which I love) and figured I could help out here.
2014-05-13: Just heard from Don Juan that he has a new Wednesday night gig at the Met. I've added it to the schedule
2014-05-11: Fernando and Anna are not doing karaoke anymore at Al Diwan.
2014-05-03: Just updated the host of Pub340 karaoke to Hez. Thanks to Blues Rocker for letting me know.
2014-04-29: Went to the Cobalt last night for karaoke. Packed with people from and fans of CBC Radio OTC show and host Stephen Quinn. So busy that I only got one song! Overall, had fun at this show. Just added it to my schedule.
2014-04-22: Just added some photos for the Cambie and Malones. Click on the Venue name to see the photos and get more info about the venue.
2014-04-22: Just approved a new show on Wed nights...Do you know which one is new?
2014-04-22: Sandy is doing a special one-time karaoke at the Locker room on Friday April 25 for a Dragon Boat party, but it is open to everyone.
2014-04-03: Alex and Anita both are kerrisdale legion on satudays
2014-04-03: Anna and Fernando Have left the chandelier lounge on both nights. They are at Al on thursday 9-12
2014-03-20: Alex and Anita have every Friday now at British ex servicemans
2014-03-19: 3/19/2014: due to popular demand, Karaoke at the British Ex ( BX) is now on EVERY FRIDAY, starting this Friday, March 21 st!!!!!! Come on down to the Collingwood area for some enjoyable and fun evening.
2014-03-16: Virginia is now hosting at Charquis on Sunday nights in Kits.
2014-03-10: Next Monday is St. Patrick's Day. I am getting reports that some karaokes have been cancelled next Monday to host St. Patrick's Day parties. Be sure to contact the venue or host before going to karaoke on March 17, 2014
2014-02-27: Blues just texted me about a new Thursday night karaoke at the Hyde restaurant on Main st. I've added it to the schedule.
2014-02-23: Congratulations to all the singers who received medals last night at Frankie's karaoke! You deserve it!
2014-02-23: We did it! After 4 trial nights of karaoke at Frankie's Bar, the manager went on the microphone and said that Karaoke WILL continue on Saturday nights at Frankie's! The last 4 weeks had great support for Darcy! Now, that we have a good Saturday night downtown karaoke, let's keep supporting it!
2014-02-19: Sandy has taken over the Thurs gig at Malones downtown as of last Thurs. There is now a singers stage, lasers, fog and 4 mics there now. Malones is buying a mixing board with compressors and feeback suppression and Sandy is videotaping and taking pictures as usual.
2014-02-13: karaoke at Charqui's on Sunday February 16 is postponed to Monday Feb 17, 2014 because Charqui's is booked for another event. Following week it is back to Sundays as normal.
2014-02-09: Just added new Tuesday night gig for Fernando and Anna at Al Diwan Mediterranean restaurant on Kingsway near Knight
2014-02-06: Fantastic night at Shenanigans on Robson last night. Started out really slow, but then a bunch of fun groups showed up. A big shout out to the ladies from High Prairie, AB, who were awesome! I hope that video with the Rock God gets posted somewhere!
2014-02-05: ADDITIONAL KARAOKE NITE hosted by ALEX and ANITA!!!! After a full house opening nite and high demand from customers, the executives at the BRITISH EX {BX} decided to have karaoke every FIRST and LAST FRIDAYS of the month. Please refer to updated schedule.
2014-02-02: It was a fantastic night at Frankies for karaoke last night! It was good to see so many old friends: Shannon, James, Alaina, Michelle, Nicky, and others! Darcy and Terry put on a great show! I will definitely be back next week!
2014-02-02: Karaoke at Charqui Grill in Kits is on again on Sundays starting tonight (2Feb2014). Terry Harris is the new host. Terry puts on a quality show! Also, he sings Michael Jackson better than anyone else in Vancouver!
2014-01-30: January 30, 2014: Alex and Anita are starting karaoke this Friday, January 31 and every last Friday of the month at the British Ex, 1143 Kingsway starting at 9 pm. For more details, please refer to Vancouver schedule. Check out this new venue where the fun begins and YOU are the star!
2014-01-28: Fernando and Anna are now doing karaoke at the Chandelier Lounge on Wednesday nights. They put on a great show! I recommend that you go check it out!
2014-01-28: There isn't karaoke anymore at Charqui's Grill in Kits. This is like the 3rd karaoke host to leave this venue so there are obviously problems with the venue!...Other are warned!
2014-01-26: Darcy Dawson is trying to start up karaoke again at Frankie's Italian Grill (formerly Beatty St Bar). He is doing 4 Saturdays in February to see if there is enough interest. Come out and support this karaoke so we can have another Saturday downtown show!
2014-01-25: Karaoke at the Met on Wednesday has been reported as cancelled. I have updated the schedule for this report.
2014-01-25: Moved the Numbers gigs out of the main karaoke schedule because it is a private room karaoke. I will be having a separate section for private room karaokes soon and will put it there.
2014-01-24: Noticed on Sandy's Facebook that he mentioned major renovations at the Locker Room. He said that he would be there next week, but call first to confirm that it is on!
2014-01-24: Virginia -Euphonic Entertainment is hosting karaoke on Saturday 25Jan2014 at the Manchester Pub 1941 W. Broadway in Kits! ONE NIGHT ONLY!
2014-01-20: It was a fantastic night at karaoke last wednesday at Shenanigans on Robson. It was a full moon out so normally it is crazy, but it was extra crazy last week! Big shoutout to the gals and guys from the Singles Meetup..thanks for joining the party!
2014-01-01: Euphonic Entertainment (Karaoke with Virginia) runs the Cellar every Wednesday from 10pm-2am. She is no longer running the Pressbox on Thursdays. There is no more karaoke at Malone's Urban Drinkery on Saturdays. The Two Parrots Perch & Grill is run on Tuesdays from 9:30pm-1:30am by WJS Productions (Whitney-John Stuart).
2013-12-19: Talked to Gogan. His gig at Kibo doesn't start until Feb 2014
2013-12-19: Talked with Darcy Dawson. He will be doing karaoke at Frankies Italian Grill (formerly Beatty St Bar and Grill) on Saturdays in February. If he gets a crowd it will continue!
2013-12-13: The Collingwood Legion has packed it in. So that means Alex and Anita will not be there on Friday and Saturdays. They will be at Kerrisdale Legion on Saturday nights.
2013-11-19: Hi Rock God, one comment says Cellar now Wednesdays, but I don't see it. What's up?
2013-11-19: I just added the Cellar on Wednesdays. It used to be on Mondays. I'm not sure of the start and end times yet.
2013-11-15: Gogan is now doing karaoke in Yaletown at Kibo restaurant on Wednesday nights. I have added it to the schedule.
2013-11-11: Just heard that Oscar's Pub has re-opened and Tracey and Andre are back doing karaoke there on Sunday nights! They have redone their website and it looks good!
2013-11-08: Just heard from Anna of MirMor that the Cove is on hiatus until the new year. They may start up karaoke at the Chandelier Lounge...stay tuned.
2013-11-08: Just heard from Virginia that Monday nights at the Cellar will switch to Wednesday nights. Next week there will karaoke on both Monday and Wednesday nights (11th and 13th), then just Wednesdays.
2013-10-27: Hey everybody! The Rock God will be dressing up in a really scary costume and going to Shenanigans on Robson on Wed Oct 30! Come sing with me and be sure to dress up in your costume!!!
2013-10-24: I just heard that Mavericks has changed it's name to The Locker Room.
2013-10-24: Fun night at Shenanigans last night. I can't wait until next week when everybody dresses up in costume for Halloween!
2013-10-01: Last night, I went to karaoke at the Cellar. It had a lounge-like feel. The sound was good and there was an energetic young crowd. I would recommend that you check it out!
2013-09-24: I just heard from host RC. She has karaoke Sundays at the Princeton, Tuesdays at Pats Pub, Wednesdays at the Ivanhoe and 2 Thursdays a month at Falconettis. Also, starting Oct 28, 2013 in the lobby at the Rickshaw. I recommend that you go out and check out her shows!
2013-09-04: Just saw on Twitter that Sandy and Silky are NOT at the Princeton Pub on Sundays anymore.
2013-09-03: Just heard that the Forum on Granville has closed for renovations. So, there will not be any Wednesday night karaoke there for a while. Not sure how long it will be closed. If you know anything more about this, please leave a comment.
2013-09-03: There is a new Sunday night karaoke in Kits at Charquis Grill in Kitsilano.
2013-08-23: Another fantastic night at Shenanigans on Wednesday! Lots of new singers and some singers from the past! Also, it was great to see other hosts: Tyrone and Diane; Anita and Alex out! Karaoke is really picking up the last few weeks!
2013-08-19: Very sad news! I got lots of texts last night telling me that karaoke at Shenanigans on Sunday nights is cancelled. I rushed over there and yes it is true. Isabel had a petition going around to try to get karaoke back. Karaoke is still on at Shenanigans on Wednesdays!
2013-08-16: Just heard that Sandy and Silky are doing their show at Mavericks on Kingsway on Saturday Nights starting tomorrow. I've added it to the schedule below
2013-08-08: It was great to see hosts: Sandy (of Sandy and Silky fame); and Anna and Fernando out at Shenanigans karaoke last night! Check out their shows...they put on great shows!
2013-08-05: Last chance to qualify for Canadian Karaoke Championships for Vancouver area is on Saturday, August 10th at Tabla Bistro on Granville Street. Sign up at 8pm, show at 9pm. Have 2 songs ready.
2013-08-01: On Friday August 2, 2013, there will be karaoke hosted by Terry from 7pm to 10pm on Davie Street (1200 block in front of Independent grocery store). The Rock God will be performing! This should be awesome performing outside instead of indoors! This will be a unique karaoke experience. Everyone is welcome so come on down!
2013-07-17: Alex and Anita are now hosting karaoke at the Collingwood Legion on Fridays and Saturdays. (They announced it on Friday night at the Collingwood)
2013-07-07: Hi, I am the Michelle from maximumbeatdj, Ivanhoe pub Wed night's I am no longer running that show it is now being run by Daniel the new owner of maximumbeatdj thanks for posting the show just thought I'd give you the update.
2013-06-28: I just heard from Sandy and Silky. They have a new gig on Tuesday nights at the KozmiK Zoo in Vancouver - 95 West Broadway. I have updated the listing below. This is the first karaoke that I know of at this venue. Please check it out.
2013-06-22: I just confirmed with Tracey and Andre that Oscar's Pub closed down so there isn't karaoke there anymore on Sundays.
2013-06-20: Just confirmed with Virginia that there isn't karaoke anymore at the Electric Owl on Main Street on Mondays. I have updated the karaoke schedule below to reflect this.
2013-06-12: They are doing regional round qualifying for the Canadian National Karaoke championships at the Forum on Granville on Saturday June 22, 2013 Goto to register!
2013-06-06: Just heard from Anna at MirMor1. She said: "Our current schedule: Sunday - Regal Beagle, Broadway & Arbutus, Kitsilano Tuesday - The Cove, 4th & Alma, Kitsilano Thursday - Chandrlier Lounge, Marine Dr & Fraser, Vancouver" So, they aren't at the Chandelier Lounge on tuesdays anymore, but are now at the Cove Pub in Kits on Tuesdays.
2013-05-27: It was good to see John 'Sting' back at karaoke after his unfortunate accident last week!
2013-05-20: I missed the Shenanigans at Shenanigans last night! We hope for a speedy recovery for our brother!
2013-05-09: Karaoke at The Haze has been cancelled immediately. Rumour has it that they did not pay the host the contracted amount! KJ's beware of the Haze. This is the second round of karaoke to have problems there!
2013-05-02: The karaoke at the Haze Public House has changed from Monday nights to Thursdays nights starting tonight. The time has also changed. It now starts at 9pm and goes to 1am.
2013-04-30: I received an email from a visitor who said that there is a Smart Singles Vancouver Meetup for karaoke on May 2, 2013 (this thursday) at the Chandelier Lounge at 8pm.
2013-04-23: There was a great turnout at the first night of Terryoke at the Haze Public house on Davie Street last night. The karaoke was fun and they had a great $3 beer special!
2013-04-08: Just heard that Terry who hosts Shenanigans has a new Monday night gig starting on April 22, 2013 at the Haze Public House 1180 Howe Street in Vancouver. Please come out and support Terry!!!
2013-04-02: hi, yes ivanhoe is wednesday nights 8:30-12:30 the host is michelle from maximumbeat dj. also the cove tues nights are gone (for now) and tobys pub on commercial is wed nights but has gone though a host change from maximumbeat dj to tracy and andre
2013-03-29: Dalens Current Gigs Tuesday-ubc Wed-Roos pub - Coquitlam Fri-robin hood - Surrey\ Sat- Roos pub - Coquitlam Sat the fin - Surrey Sunday - Moonrakers - Surrey Fernando and Anna - cancelled Bobby Gees in Richmond Tracey and Andre - cancelled Sundays at SD Galleria Alex and Anita - cancelled at Legion Marlene - appears at Great Bear Pub - not Brian Andrews (Simpson)
2013-02-28: It was nice to see Dusty and Phil out last night at Shenanigans!
2013-02-26: Terry is filling in for Gogan tonight, February 26, 2013, at Oasis on Davie st.
2013-02-24: I just saw a tweet from Virginia that says there is NOT karaoke at the Electric Owl on Monday Feb 25, 2013.
2013-02-23: I just converted the Vancouver karaoke schedule to my new format. I hope that you like it!
2013-02-22: I just added a new karaoke at the Whiskey Bar in Gastown on Tuesday Nights 9pm-1am by Euphonic Entertainment.  Just heard from Virginia and this gig starts first tuesday in March.
2013-02-03: Added Mondays at the Electric Owl on Main st. to the schedule below.
2013-01-23: I just heard from Sandy and Silky.  They do karaoke on Sunday nights at the Princeton Pub.  I have updated the schedule below. They also said that they no longer use Chinese and Japanese machines but still do English Spanish Portuguese French German Dutch etc. They have all the gear lights fog stage and 5 mics for singers!
2013-01-21: Just heard from Wailen Dalen Entertainment.  They are doing karaoke at the Gallery Lounge at UBC on Tuesdays.  I have updated the schedule.
2013-01-17: I just heard about some new gigs and have added them to my schedule.  These are the Regal Beagle on Sundays and the Chandelier Lounge on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
2013-01-05: Dave Packman confirmed that the Ivory Tavern on Friday nights has been cancelled.  Thanks Dave!
2013-01-03: People have been telling me that karaoke on Fridays at the Ivory Tavern has been cancelled.  I have emailed Tracey and Andre to confirm this.  I will keep you updated on what they tell me!
2012-12-23: Karaoke is on Boxing Day at Shenanigans according to Terry.  The Rock God will be there!
2012-12-03: Terry (Shenanigan's host) will be hosting the karaoke tonight at Joe's Apartment on Granville starting at 9pm.
2012-12-03: Just want to give a big THANK YOU to Dusty for the beer!!! nbsp;The new songs that you sang were cool!
2012-12-03: Just want to give a mention to the nice Australian/American couple I met at Shenanigans last night.  They said that they found the venue from this very website! nbsp;I hope that you had a great time!
2012-11-19: Made some minor updates to the schedules.
2012-11-15: I just heard from Malones.  They have karaoke on Thursdays from 9pm-11pm and they have prizes! nbsp;I've added it to the schedule below.
2012-11-08: The Rock God is now on Twitter.  I will be Tweeting out regular updates.  Follow me at: @PaulTheRockGod
2012-11-08: Just heard that Tracey and Andre of First Class Karaoke have a new gig in Yaletown on Friday nights at the Ivory Tavern.  I have added it to the schedule below.  Also, they have a new website,
2012-11-01: Halloween at Shenanigans on Robson street was a blast! nbsp;The Rock God dressed up at Popeye.  There were lots of great costumes including 2 Jack Sparrows and a Storm Trooper!
2012-10-31: Happy Halloween! nbsp;The Rock God will be partying at Shenanigans on Robson street tonight.  He will be in his costume! nbsp;Dress up in your costume and come out and party with the Rock God tonight!
2012-10-26: I went to the Cove Pub in Kits on Tuesday for karaoke.  It is a younger UBC crowd that goes.  The group that runs karaoke at the Cove also runs karaoke at Tobys Darbys, and the Ivanhoe on Wednesdays Thursdays at the Flamingo hotel in Surrey, Fridays as the Flamingo hotel and Sundance Inn pub in Ladner.  On 6Nov2012 they are starting at the Fray restaurant on Fraser.  I have added all these gigs to the schedules on the web site.
2012-10-18: I just heard that they still have karaoke at Two Parrots on Tuesday nights starting at 9:30pm.  I have added it to the list below.
2012-10-15: I just heard that they have karaoke at the Cove Pub in Kitsilano on Tuesday nights starting at 9pm.  I have added it to the list below.
2012-09-07: People have been telling me that indeed karaoke has been cancelled at the The Park(formerly Checkers) so I have marked it as cancelled.
2012-08-30: Terry told me that there will NOT be karaoke on Sunday, 2 September 2012 at Shenanigans!!!
2012-08-27: I heard a rumour that karaoke will be cancelled at 'The Park' (formerly Checkers) as of September.  If you know anything about this, please let me know.
2012-08-27: Added a new listing for the Forum Sports Bar on Granville Street that has karaoke on Wednesdays now.
2012-08-05: Terry (from Shenanigans karaoke) will be filling in for Gogan hosting karaoke at J.Malones in Richmond on August 10/11 2012 and August 24/25 2012.
2012-08-05: I was at karaoke at the Astoria a few weeks ago.  I went early and was able to get in a number of songs.  The hosts were very nice to me.  Lance, the 'Blues Rocker' also was there that night sharing his coolness with us! nbsp;I would recommend checking out this venue!
2012-07-02: I just heard from 'Weekend Leisure'.  They are a 3 person group that runs karaoke at the Astoria Hotel on Monday nights.  I had a look at their website,, and it is very interesting.  They have their karaoke books online and you can even print slips out! nbsp;They also have a bunch of karaoke videos that they have produced themselves! nbsp;I recommend that you check out their website.
2012-06-30: I went to karaoke at 'the Park' (formerly Checkers).  It is now at the back of the restaurant.  They have a little stage in the corner and a dance floor out front.  It has a completely different vibe now! nbsp;The only disappointing thing is that the cheapest beer is $6 plus tax!!!! nbsp;It is way too expensive!
2012-06-28: I just got back from a one month Mexico tour! nbsp;Jet joined me on tour for a week.  It was 40 degrees celsius many days! nbsp;I ate and drank way too much!
2012-05-28: Karaoke at Shenanigans on Sunday June 3 IS ON AGAIN!!!
2012-05-28: Karaoke at 'The Park at English Bay' (formerly Checkers) is supposed to start again on Saturday June 2.
2012-05-16: I stopped in today at the 'Park at English Bay'(formerly Checkers).  The restaurant is now open.  The bartender says they won't be having karaoke until next month and it will be only on Thursdays and Saturdays in the back of the restaurant.  The restaurant now has large sofas near the windows.  It is way more open and appears to have considerably less tables and seats.
2012-04-26: Checkers is closed for renovations now until early May 2012.  It will be renamed Park at English Bay.
2012-04-09: Just saw Anita and Alex.  They have karaoke fridays at the Fraser Legion,and Saturdays at the Kerrisdale Legion.
2012-04-07: Just heard that Checkers will be closing for a few weeks on 16Apr for renovations.  After renovations, there will only be karaoke 2 nights/weeks(Wed? and Sat).  Also, the karaoke stage will be at the back of the restaurant, straight in front of from the main door.
2012-04-01: Just heard from Anita and Alex.  They are now doing karaoke at the Legion on Fraser St. on Friday nights.

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