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Active Burnaby Karaoke Show Schedule

Start-End Time
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5665 Kingsway Ave. (Royal Oak)
7557 Edmonds St. (Edmonds)
5665 Kingsway Ave. (Royal Oak)
5665 Kingsway Ave. (Royal Oak)


User Comments About karaoke in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

2021-07-22: As of July 22, 2021, the only confirmed place in Burnaby that has restarted karaoke is the Admiral pub.
2019-09-20: Royal Canadian Legion unit 83 no longer has karaoke.
2017-03-25: Thank you so much for this list. I am visiting from the states and had no idea where to go for neighbor feel to sing. Called 3 different bars in 3 different areas and they all were on point with your list. We !found one in walking distance from where we are staying! Thank you for saving us so much time and money on a cab getting out to another area, when your list revealed karaoke in our backyard :)
2017-02-18: Hi Paul, i really appreciate your keeping up with info and a karaoke list. Just one thing, as i was looking for a place to go. Burnaby - Oliver Twist-Saturday, Wilson is away in India, as far as i know there are no karaoke on Saturdays, however on Thursadays - Island Girl Enteetainment - Tanya will be hosting at Oliver Twist. Anita
2017-01-31: Virginia from Euphonic Entertainment is looking for part-time hosts with a minimum of 2 gigs a week, i.e. 8 hours/week minimum. Must be music oriented, people pleasers who can work a room. The candidate will have social media skills with a decent reach, some vocal ability, and patience. If that's you, contact her at www.euphonicentertainment.com and tell her how you'd be good for the job!
2016-09-20: Karaoke at royal Canadian Legion in Burnaby , North of Royal Oak Skytrain station. Wednesday's I think.went couple months ago.
2016-09-04: The Oliver Twist with Wilson Tan is no longer on sunday. its now on Saturdays 830pm - 1230.
2016-06-15: There might be karaoke at the Oliver Twist on Thursday nights, but I am getting conflicting information on whether it is on or not. Could somebody please let me know if it is on. Thanks, Paul the Rock God
2016-05-27: Virginia is hosting a karaoke boat cruise on September 9, 2016. Get your tickets at: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/black-white-karaoke-booze-cruise-tickets-25527453300
2016-05-13: Wilson is no longer doing Thursdays @ The Oliver Twist Pub
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2016-02-21: Station Square Pub is permanently closed
2015-06-30: Sad to hear about the passing of Mo Morrison. Mo was a regular at many karaokes in the Vancouver, Canada area. He was also a big BC Lions fan. I ended up on his email list and he sent me thousands of those funny, joke emails! I will miss him!
2015-05-26: Just heard from a fellow who went to the Great Bear Pub on Sunday. He said: What a coincidence --- we wound up at Great Bear on Sunday!!! Did 3 songs for Brian there! He has a very elaborate setup there. Laser lights, smoke machine etc. I made me look like A Star. Family members were impressed (didnt know I could sing that well).
2015-05-02: Sat and Sun shows have been cancelled at The Oliver Twist by Tracey and Andre.
2015-03-03: I just heard from Tracey and Andre and have updated the schedule for their shows at the Oliver Twist
2015-01-10: Just heard that the Marine Pub had a major fire today and is completely burnt down. So, obviously there won't be any karaoke there.
2014-11-20: Sandy just got a karaoke gig at the Mountain Shadow Pub on Sundays! This is an old hangout of the Rock God's brother!
2014-06-26: A guy in New West is selling a 5ft x 2.5ft 'karaoke here tonight' sign on Craigslist: http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/bnc/for/4534999988.html Contact him if interested.
2014-06-19: The Marine Pub gig has been reported as cancelled. Can anybody confirm this?
2014-05-28: Candace says: I just walked past the Oliver Twist. Karaoke is Sundays AND Thursdays.
2014-05-28: Candace reported: Marine Pub's website says Tuesday karaoke starts at 7 p.m. (19:00)
2014-03-02: There is a new Tuesday night karaoke in Burnaby at the Marine Pub on Tuesday nights!
2014-03-02: It looks like the Oliver Twist pub just re-opened again. They don't have karaoke listed on their schedule. Does anybody know if they still have karaoke? Please email me or leave a comment-Paul The Rock God
2014-01-20: I will be performing tonight at the Old Admiral Pub in Burnaby! I don't get out to Burnaby much these days, but look forward to putting on a great show and seeing some old friends! So, get up off your rented sofas and come out for karaoke tonight!
2014-01-20: If you cannot make it tonight, be sure to watch me live on the Internet! Brian streams the karaoke live from the Admiral pub every monday!
2013-08-05: Last chance to qualify for Canadian Karaoke Championships for Vancouver area is on Saturday, August 10th at Tabla Bistro on Granville Street. Sign up at 8pm, show at 9pm. Have 2 songs ready.
2013-02-28: Just updated Oliver Twist karaoke to be on Sundays as per their website
2012-10-21: I heard that the karaoke at the Great Bear Pub was excellent! I just looked at their website and there seems to be karaoke on Sunday nights now! Also, they are having Halloween karaoke on Sat October, 27, 2012 with prizes.
2012-08-05: I was at the Old Admiral last week for karaoke. It was good seeing some old friends (Bert, Timothy, Deborah, Brian). Brian puts on a first rate show. He broadcasts it live on the Internet as well! Kirsten Marie, the 2010 Canadian Karaoke champion showed up and sang a few songs. She was amazing!!!!

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