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Active Richmond Karaoke Show Schedule

Start-End Time
Venue Name
Venue Address
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Host Name
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2611 Viscount Way
#200 10111 No. 3 Road
2611 Viscount Way
9371 No. 5 Road, Richmond


User Comments About karaoke in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

2022-07-22: Pioneers on Friday is run by Sandy and Silky Show
2021-08-31: 2021-08-30 Virginia says karaoke at the Pioneer pub has been suspended again due to Covid
2019-03-15: Juvys Wed and Saturdays are cancelled
2018-02-05: Karaoke at the Buck and Ear in Steveston has been cancelled. It was a long-running karaoke show...running for about 6 years.
2018-02-02: Karaoke at the Pioneer is now with Tina / Kage on Fridays 830-1230. Host Rotate every other week.
2017-11-19: Park Rd Social has closed its doors. Subsequently all Karaoke is cancelled there
2017-08-24: Juvys Sundays are cancelled and there is no Pioneer Sat karaoke.
2017-01-31: Virginia from Euphonic Entertainment is looking for part-time hosts with a minimum of 2 gigs a week, i.e. 8 hours/week minimum. Must be music oriented, people pleasers who can work a room. The candidate will have social media skills with a decent reach, some vocal ability, and patience. If that's you, contact her at and tell her how you'd be good for the job!
2016-05-27: Virginia is hosting a karaoke boat cruise on September 9, 2016. Get your tickets at:
2016-02-12: 12Feb2016: Wilson just informed me that karaoke has been cancelled at the Kingswood as of today.
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2015-08-30: Just updated the listings to remove Wed at the Kingswood. There is still karaoke there on Fridays and Saturdays.
2015-01-11: I just heard from Winston and have updated his gigs at the Kingswood!
2014-09-23: There no longer is karaoke at the Shark Club in Richmond.
2014-09-23: Malones is now called Legends and no longer has karaoke.
2014-01-23: Malones is closed for renovations still so has no karaoke on Thurs and Sundays
2013-08-20: I just heard from Wilson. He is doing karaoke now on Wednesdays and Sundays at the Kingswood pub on No.5 Road.
2013-08-05: Last chance to qualify for Canadian Karaoke Championships for Vancouver area is on Saturday, August 10th at Tabla Bistro on Granville Street. Sign up at 8pm, show at 9pm. Have 2 songs ready.
2013-05-18: I just got the times for J.Malones from Wilson. I have updated the karaoke schedule to be accurate.
2013-05-16: I just heard from Karaoke with Wilson who does karaoke at J.Malones Thursday thru Sunday. I have update the schedule below. I have asked him for times and will update the schedule when I get them.
2013-04-02: Just heard from Anna.  Mir Mor doesn't have karaoke at Bobby Gees anymore.
2013-04-01: Just heard from Sandy and Silky.  They do not have karaoke at the Shark Club-Playboy lounge anymore.  They have karaoke at the Royal Restaurant in Richmond on Wednesdays now.  I have updated the schedule accordingly.
2013-02-03: I just added the Buck and Ear in Steveston on Thursdays to the schedule below.
2013-01-23: I just heard from Sandy.  He confirmed that there is NOT karaoke anymore at the Garage.  They have a new karaoke in Richmond on Friday nights at the Shark Club in the Playboy lounge.  I have added it to the schedule.  They also said that they no longer use Chinese / Japanese machines, but still do English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, etc.&nbps; They have all the gear: lights, fog, stage, and 5 mics for singers!
2013-01-17: I just heard about a new gig and have added it to my schedule.  It is the Abercorn Inn Richmond on Friday nights.
2013-01-17: just heard that there isn't karaoke anymore at the Garage in Richmond.  I have contacted Sandy and Silky to confirm.
2012-08-05: Terry (from Shenanigans karaoke) will be filling in for Gogan hosting karaoke at J.Malones in Richmond on August 10/11, 2012, and August 24/25, 2012.

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