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6574 Ladner Trunk Road (Ladner)
6574 Ladner Trunk Road (Ladner)
    Comments: Sundance Pub - Weekend Karaoke - 11 Years Strong - Two 72inch TVs with Karaoke Lyrics - Amazing sound, great staff and a fun crowd! Check out the show! You wont be disappointed!


User Comments About karaoke in Delta, British Columbia, Canada

2017-11-10: There is no karaoke at Tidewater thanks
2016-10-03: you need to update your system. Sundowner- Big Steve karaoke is no longer running!
2016-05-27: Virginia is hosting a karaoke boat cruise on September 9, 2016. Get your tickets at:
2014-01-25: Just confirmed that there is NO karaoke on Fridays anymore at the Sundowner. Instead they have Name that Tune.
2013-08-05: Last chance to qualify for Canadian Karaoke Championships for Vancouver area is on Saturday, August 10th at Tabla Bistro on Granville Street. Sign up at 8pm, show at 9pm. Have 2 songs ready.
2013-07-17: Sundowner Pub has karaoke on Saturdays. Friday is name that tune or something. I just confirmed on the phone.

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