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User Comments About karaoke in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

2023-04-29: Roos Pub no longer exists. the building has been torn down, and the company itself has closed the books.
2022-06-15: Frog and Nightgown now My Pub has karaoke on Wednesdays 9 to 1
2018-04-30: Pint 405 Sundays is cancelled. Bar was sold.
2018-02-09: Town hall public house in Coquitlam off Brunette Avenue has karaoke every Monday night.
2016-05-27: Virginia is hosting a karaoke boat cruise on September 9, 2016. Get your tickets at:
2013-08-05: Last chance to qualify for Canadian Karaoke Championships for Vancouver area is on Saturday, August 10th at Tabla Bistro on Granville Street. Sign up at 8pm, show at 9pm. Have 2 songs ready.
2013-01-21: Just ran across a karaoke in Coquitlam.  It is at Roo's Pub and Grill on Wednesday nights.  I have added it to the schedule.
2012-02-10: Just heard from Sandy and Silky.  They are no longer at East Side Marios.  However, they have a new gig at the Richmond night market 6 nights a week.  Click on the Richmond schedule link for more details!

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